Braves Bullpen Rotation

The Braves will begin 2024 with Raisel Iglesias as the closer, A.J. Minter as the setup man and some combination of Matzek, Jimenez and Pierce Johnson everything in-between the starter and A.J. Minter. 2024 will also see the return of form lights out setup man Tyler Matzek who is returning after a series of devastating injuries. 

Bullpen B/T Ht Wt AGE
Raisel Iglesias 26 (CL) R/R 6' 2" 190 34
A.J. Minter 33 L/L 6' 0" 215 30
Joe Jiménez R/R 6' 3" 277 29
Aaron Bummer 49 L/L 6' 3" 215 30
Tyler Matzek 68 L/L 6' 3" 230 33
Pierce Johnson 38 R/R 6' 2" 202 32
Dylan Lee 52 L/L 6' 3" 214 29
Angel Perdomo L/L 6' 8" 265 29
Jessie Chavez R/R 6'1" 180 40

Extended Braves Bullpen

For the purposes of brevity, we’ll refer to the following players as the ‘extended’ Braves Bullpen. Those players who we all thought would be on the Braves roster (likely in the bullpen) come opening day, only to be told they’d be spending more time in the minors when the final roster was set. Nevertheless, we expect to see the following players on the big league club at some point this year.

  • Huascar Ynoa: Huascar dazzled Braves fans with his 100 mph fastball, his sweeping slider and his capacity for hitting grandslams. That all came to a head when, after a rough inning, he punched a brick wall in the dugout (a pitcher’s worst friend) shattering his hand and derailing his career. He looked good in the spring and promises to come back to the majors this year. 
  • Daysbel Hernández: has been a notable figure within the Braves organization, primarily for his intimidating fastball and a curveball that seems to defy physics. However, his journey took a turn when inconsistency at the mound led to an unexpected detour to the minors. Known for his resilience and a fiery competitive spirit, Hernández has spent the offseason refining his control and pitch selection. His performances in spring training hinted at a newfound maturity and effectiveness. With his eyes set on redemption, Daysbel is determined to carve out a significant role in the majors soon.
  • Allan Winans: a right-handed pitcher with a lean frame, has been quietly making waves in the Braves’ farm system. His arsenal, featuring a precise fastball and a deceptive changeup, has made him a pitcher to watch. Despite this, his progression was slowed by minor injuries and a need for consistency in higher-pressure situations. Spring training saw a more focused and determined Winans, showcasing improvements that could not be ignored. His journey through the minors is marked by steady growth, and he’s poised to make an impactful return to the big league.
  • Dylan Dodd: Dylan, well, Dylan fell in love with the 60s and no one ever heard from him again.