Truist Parking Situation

Since our Braves relocated to Truist Park parking has been a struggle. Let’s improve that. 

Braves Parking Situation


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Ozzie Albies

Braves Lineup

The Braves opening day roster has few surprises but what about the opening day lineup? Let’s investgate. 

Prospects Coming Up

Hurston Waldrep

Hurston Waldrep

Prospect #3


An exciting pick who exploded up the farm system towards the end of the year, Waldrep possessed one of the nastiest pitches in his entire draft class. Read More about Hurston Waldrep

AJ Smith Shawver

AJ Smith-Shawver

Prospect #1


He’s been up and down after an explosively fast rise to the majors, he flashed some moments of brilliance before falling off at the end of the year. He moved to the bullpen for the playoffs where he flashed his upside. Read More about Braves’ prospect AJ Smith-Shawver.


The former Nebraska shortstop has massive stuff with a 99+ mph fastball and sweeping slider that could be a strikeout pitch at the next level. Read more about Spencer Schwellenbach

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