Braves Opening Day Roster Guessing Game: Year 1992

The year is 1992. The Braves are just beginning their run of NL East titles. Can you guess the Braves Opening Day roster for that year? 

  • Enter your guesses for the missing players’ names in the input fields corresponding to their positions.
  • Once you’ve made your guesses, click the “Submit Answers” button to see how many you got right.
  • If your guess is correct, that player’s name will be “locked in” and the input field will be disabled, preventing further changes.
  • The game tracks the number of attempts you make, so aim to guess all players correctly in as few tries as possible. 
  • Need help? Scroll down for a hint about the player. 
LFRon Gant
RFDavid Justice
1BSid Bream
2BJeff Blauser
CGreg Olson
SSRafael Belliard

Guess Attempts: 0

Center Field Hint

Scroll over the box to see a hint about who the Center Fielder is.

He Loves The Limelight

Unlike a string of humble center fielders to roam center for the braves, this guys is/was different. You can still seem on national tv, particularly in the fall. On saturdays..

Third Base Hint

Scroll over the box to see a hint about who the Third Base is.

Still With The Braves

It's hard to remember a time before Chipper Jones manned third base for the Braves but, if it helps, this man continues to do work for the Braves near his old position.

Pitcher Hint

Scroll over the box to see a hint about who the Pitcher is.

Not The One You're Thinking Of

He was one of the aces for the Braves in the 90s...though likely he's not the one you're thinking of.