Braves Opening Day Roster Guessing Game: Year 1996

Welcome to the Atlanta Braves Opening Day Lineup Game! Test your knowledge of the 1996 Braves roster by filling in the missing players from the opening day lineup. This fun and interactive game will challenge your memory and see how well you know one of the greatest teams in Braves history.

  1. Look at the positions with missing player names.
  2. Enter the name of the player you think filled that position on the 1996 Opening Day.
  3. Click “Submit Answers” to check your guesses.
  4. Your score and the number of attempts will be shown below the table.
  5. Keep trying until you get all the answers correct!
CFMarquis Grissom
SSJeff Blauser
RFDavid Justice
LFRyan Klesko
3BMike Mordecai
PGreg Maddux

Guess Attempts: 0