Braves Opening Day Roster Guessing Game: Year 2000

The year is 2000. It’s a new century for the Braves and offseason moves have the team excited to take down another NL East title. Can you guess the Braves Opening Day roster for that year? 

  • Enter your guesses for the missing players’ names in the input fields corresponding to their positions.
  • Once you’ve made your guesses, click the “Submit Answers” button to see how many you got right.
  • If your guess is correct, that player’s name will be “locked in” and the input field will be disabled, preventing further changes.
  • The game tracks the number of attempts you make, so aim to guess all players correctly in as few tries as possible. 
  • Need help? Scroll down for a hint about the player. 
2BQuilvio Veras
LFReggie Sanders
3BChipper Jones
CFAndruw Jones
CEddie Perez
PGreg Maddux

Guess Attempts: 0

Right Field Hint

Scroll over the box to see a hint about who the Right Fielder is.

He Came Into 2000 Hot

In the 1999 NLDS against the Houston Astros, he batted .471, had the game-winning double in the 12th inning of Game 3, and drove in seven of Atlanta's 18 runs during the series.

First Base Hint

Scroll over the box to see a hint about who the First Baseman is.

He's Big But Can Move

The Braves' large first basemen was known for his deceptive agility for a man of his proportions. In fact, he had a nickname to the effect.

Shortstop Hint

Scroll over the box to see a hint about who the Shortstop is.

Coach On The Field

The shorstop was known for his great glove work and would become a coach of all types after his playing days concluded.